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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority

The exterior rings are composed of 3 walls each, 14 levels of stacked precast panels and each wall contained 40 splice sleeves.  Each corner of the wall had 10 splice sleeves (40pc each panel and 120pc each level) that connected at the foundation and continued continuously to the top of the precast porting of the tower.  There were 2 sizes of sleeves used: #11 sleeves were used from foundation to just over half way up the tower and then they transitioned to #9 sleeves to the top of the precast.

There were 6 interior walls that made up the inside of the tower.  Each wall had a different number of sleeves, but each did start at the foundation and continue to the top of the precast walls.  The interior walls were also 14 levels and the average number of sleeves at each level was 44pc which started as #9 at the foundation and transitioned to #7 halfway up the tower.