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For Precast Concrete and Cast-in-place Construction

The NMB Splice-Sleeve® System has been the original and most effective grouted sleeve coupler for full tension and compression precast, CIP, Tilt-up, and other connections for over 40 years. SA Class is equivalent to Type 2 coupler approved by ICC-ES in the United States. ICC-ES evaluated for Type 2 performance in high seismic areas. The NMB Splice-Sleeve System has been used at more than 21 million splices and has demonstrated that none have failed through the severest natural disasters such as Guam Earthquake in 1993, Kobe Earthquake in 1995, and Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


Our Company's Primary Focus

NMB Splice Sleeve System is catered for seismic resistance, development of structuring integrity and safety.

Without NMB Splice Sleeve®

Kobe Earthquake in 1995

Collapsed apartment structure built without NMB SPLICE SLEEVE near the epicenter at Kobe, Japan.

Kobe without SS
With NMB Splice Sleeve®

Kobe Earthquake in 1995

Damaged-free apartment building constructed with NMB SPLICE SLEEVE in the epicenter at Kobe, Japan.

Kobe with SS
What's New

1.    NMB News Release Dec. 11th 2013. Click here to open.

2.    Splice Sleeve Japan Ltd's new English homepage is launched.

3.    NMB Splice-Sleeve withstood Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March 2011.


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