The NMB Splice-Sleeve® System has been the original and most effective grouted sleeve coupler for full tension and compression precast, CIP, Tilt-up, and other connections for over 40 years now. NMB Splice Sleeve System is the first and only grouted mechanical splicing connectors which are evaluated and certified as Type 2 Connections for Seismic Applications under the ICC ES’s ESR. All the sleeves evaluated are Made in the United States. The NMB Splice-Sleeve System has been used at more than 23 million times and has demonstrated that none have failed through the severest natural disasters such as Guam Earthquake in 1993, Kobe Earthquake in 1995, and the recent Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


NMB Splice-Sleeve System

The NMB SPLICE-SLEEVE® is a mechanical coupler for splicing reinforcing bars which uses a cylindrical shaped steel sleeve filled with a Portland cement based non-shrink high early strength grout. Reinforcing bars to be spliced are inserted into the sleeve to meet approximately at the center of the sleeve. The interior of the sleeve is then filled with SS MORTAR grout.

SS Mortar Fill
Splice Sleeve Applications

NMB SPLICE-SLEEVES have been used in a number of different applications both in cast-in-place and precast concrete structures.

Precast Concrete Connections:
  • Column-to-column
  • Column-to-beam
  • Column-to-foundation
  • Beam-to-beam
  • Shear wall to shear wall
  • Shear wall to foundation
  • Elevator and stair cores
  • Airport control towers
  • Bridge piers and Pier caps
  • Caissons
  • Large diameter hollow columns
Cast-in-place Concrete Structures:
  • Connections of prefabricated column reinforcing cages
  • Connections of new bars to old in vertical and horizontal rehabilitation work
  • Stress relief joints in post-tensioned cast-in-place floor slabs
Splice Sleeve Examples
SS Mortar Fill
40 Years Experience ICC More Than 23M Sold